Pest control services for Waste Transfer Stations

With a continual flow of waste, transfer stations have the potential to attract a wide range of pests and problems. These are often exacerbated by the location of such sites in built-up and populated areas. EcoPro provides a comprehensive range of services to combat health and safety risks.

Bird Control

Scavenging birds, such as gulls, corvids and pigeons spread diseases and can leave large quantities of guano which is unsightly, damaging to buildings and also carries disease risks. EcoPro can offer live predatory response and a range of other control measures to meet almost any situation.

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Fly Control

Flies can arrive in rubbish and multiply rapidly in stored waste in the summer months. EcoPro offers uniquely effective non-tox solutions which can safely be applied in proximity to residential areas.

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Rodent Control

Transfer stations provide a ready source of food and shelter for the Brown Rat which can breed rapidly and easily spread to surrounding premises. EcoPro provides preventative programmes and emergency solutions.

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Odour Control

As holding stations for green waste and household waste, transfer stations often suffer unwanted strong odours, giving rise to complaints from neighbours. EcoPro offers fixed solutions and mobile services.

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“ EcoPro bring the latest thinking to pest control management and work effectively alongside our own staff to provide a successful Fly Management programme. ”

Tim Stamper, New Earth Solutions

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If you operate waste transfer stations, a talk with EcoPro can lead to solutions to many potential problems.