Pest control services for Commercial Buildings

EcoPro has a successful track record of providing environmental controls for shopping centres, warehouses and other industrial and public buildings. Professional control will protect the public and provide a cleaner and safer environment.

Bird Control

Unwanted birds such as gulls, pigeons and starlings can cause expensive damage to buildings, become health hazards and be a nuisance to personnel and the general public. Our control programmes are based on prevention through eliminating food sources, installing nets and spikes, live predator flights and egg oiling.

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Fly Control

Flies around business environments can be an unpleasant distracting nuisance and spread a range of diseases. Some form of fly control is essential to meet health and safety requirements if there are catering establishments nearby. EcoPro offers uniquely effective non-toxic solutions which can safely be applied in these areas.

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Rodent Control

Where there is a source of food and shelter rats and mice can breed rapidly and easily spread to surrounding premises. EcoPro provides preventative programmes and emergency solutions.

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Weed Control

Weeds create a poor impression on business premises and can cause damage to buildings, walkways, parking and amenity areas. There are also legal requirements of landowners for the control of certain species. EcoPro will tailor a programme of non-toxic solutions to give environmentally sensitive control.

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Pressure Washing

Keeping walkways, customer car parks and recreational areas clean and safe is vital. Lichen and moss develop creating very slippery surfaces once they become frosty or wet. EcoPro has safe, environmentally acceptable solutions.

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“ EcoPro bring the latest thinking to pest control management and work effectively alongside our own staff to provide a successful Fly Management programme. ”

Tim Stamper, New Earth Solutions

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If you operate a commercial building, a talk with EcoPro can lead to solutions to many potential problems.