Effective and efficient rabbit population control

In the UK, the rabbit has become one of the most dominant mammal species after rats. A population estimated to be 40 million (findings from The Mammal Society) is growing at 2% a year. Increasingly, foxes are becoming a greater problem in urban areas.

"An Order has been made under Section One of the Pests Act 1954 by which England and Wales (except for the City of London, the Isles of Scilly and Skokholm Island) have been declared a Rabbit Clearance Area. In this area, every occupier of land is responsible for destroying wild rabbits on his/her land or for taking steps to prevent them causing damage. This is a continuing obligation." - Defra

Rabbit problem

Rabbits cause damage to trees, stripping bark and browsing on foliage. They dig burrows in lawns, greens and sports areas. A large population can cause extensive damage to crops.

Land and property owners have statutory obligations regarding wild rabbits.

Rabbit control

Rabbit population control methods


Myxomatosis, a disease introduced in the 1950s to control rabbit populations, is now only affecting 20% of the rabbit populations. Damage can be reduced by fencing off areas but this is expensive and time consuming. Making area less inhabitable for populations requires extensive time and man power and is only effective to an extent.

EcoPro gassing

Gassing is the most effective way of removing populations of rabbits. Other control methods include live trapping, kill trapping and shooting. Gassing is the fumigation of rabbit burrows with sodium cyanide or aluminium phosphide, which releases poisonous gasses when in contact with moisture. This procedure must be conducted by trained and licensed professionals. EcoPro provides all risk assessments and method statements prior to treatment.

“ I have used the pest control services of EcoPro for some years now and they have always provided me with a professional service and a very good level of control. ”

Stuart Mitchell, FCC Environmental

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