Pest control services for Landfill Sites

EcoPro provides a complete range of environmental controls for many owners and operators of landfill sites. We help our customers to meet their obligations to their neighbours and to comply with all necessary regulations.

Bird Control

Scavenging birds such as seagulls and corvids are attracted to sites as a food source and nesting opportunity, representing a recognised health and safety risk. Birds can spread disease and cause nuisance to neighbours and workers. EcoPro can offer live predatory response and a range of other control measures to meet almost any situation.

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Fly Control

Poor control of flies can lead to a build up which becomes a nuisance to neighbours and staff and can trigger investigations from the Environment Agency. EcoPro offers uniquely effective non-toxic solutions which can be applied easily over large areas.

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Rodent Control

Landfill sites are the perfect home ground for rats to live, feed and breed, so the presence of the Common Brown Rat almost a certainty. Rats carry many diseases including Weils Disease, Rat-Bite fever, Foot and Mouth and Salmonellas. Without control problems can spread to local towns and villages.

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Odour Control

A degree of odour can be expected at landfill sites taking household rubbish. Where such sites are near populated areas, reliable and effective control is essential. EcoPro offers fixed solutions and mobile services to keep odours from affecting surrounding areas.

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Weed Control

Landfill sites can become infested with problem weeds that thrive on poor soils, such as Ragwort and Japanese Knotweed. Prosecutions can result from the presence of weeds and allowing them to spread to adjoining land. EcoPro will undertake a site survey to identify problem weeds and provide a control plan.

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“ EcoPro have provided the bird control at my site for the last year and we have been very surprised and happy with the level of control that they have acheived. ”

Alex Hornshaw, Caird Peckfield

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If you have a landfill site, a talk with EcoPro can lead to solutions to many potential problems.