Effective control of environmental problems

EcoPro has a ten year track record of effective pest control and solution to other environmental problems throughout the UK.

Our Services

Our core products are bird control, fly control, weed control, odour control, rodent control and high powered jet washing. We are continually developing new approaches to provide fresh solutions to work alongside our traditional methods. Over the years, EcoPro has acquired a reputation as an industry leader and a pioneer of new techniques for safer and more effective control.

Pest control services
Using live birds of prey to control nuisance birds


The business was founded by Steve Austen who has nearly twenty years’ experience of all aspects of control programmes for the waste management and other industries. This experience means that we are ideally placed to offer the most effective range of solutions to your problems.

Areas of Operation

EcoPro - service across the UK

Teams throughout the UK are trained to carry out our control programmes effectively and efficiently. Our staff operate from a number of regional centres to provide service to clients across the UK.

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Qualifications and Certification

Many organisations rely on EcoPro to identify and manage control programmes to make sure they comply with all their regulatory obligations and their duties as good neighbours.

We are active members of the British Pest Control Association and adhere to their codes of practice.

EcoPro is accredited under quality standard ISO 9001 and environmental standard ISO14001.

We carry out our own risk assessments and also adhere to the working and reporting methods of many clients.

Our promise is your guarantee