Pest control services for Aviation

Airfields and their buildings have special requirements for environmental control, not least because of the danger from build up of flocks of birds.

Bird Control

The presence of large flocks of birds runs the risk of air strikes and can lead to unnecessary aborted take-offs and landings.

Aircraft hangers are a constant attraction as roosting and nesting areas for a large variety of birds. Build up of nests and droppings can damage buildings and can represent a health hazard to staff and visitors. Regular cleaning is expensive.

Military and civilian airfields have for many years used Birds of Prey as the most effective and efficient method of preventing scavenging and roosting birds congregating on airfields. The Bird Controllers employed by EcoPro have many years experience operating in sensitive situations such as an active airfield.

Combined with other options such as proofing of hangers using specialist nets and roosting spikes, EcoPro can offer a complete solution to bird problems.

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Other Problems

EcoPro can also offer practical and effective solutions to a wide range of problems which can arise on large areas of land, including infestations of rodents or rabbits and control of vegetation including problem weeds that are subject to legislation.

“ EcoPro have provided the bird control at my site for the last year and we have been very surprised and happy with the level of control that they have acheived. ”

Alex Hornshaw, Caird Peckfield

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If you need help with pest control, a talk with EcoPro can lead to solutions to many potential problems.