Control and suppression of unpleasant odours

Where waste and transfer sites are near populated areas, reliable and effective control of odours are essential.

Odour control products

Our odour control products are non-toxic and available in a variety of solutions which dilute to give economic performance. We are introducing new ‘dry’ products which require less chemical at reduced cost.

Air Neutraliser is an odour control product that is mixed with water. It works by grabbing bad odours and neutralising them. This is a food grade product and is unscented. It will not harm the environment.

Alternatively the bad odours can be masked by using a concentrated fragranced product. Dispersed into the air as a fine mist, it provides a cover up of a pleasant fragrance, available in Apple, Sea Breeze, Cut Grass, Floral, Wild Herb, Pear Drop and Garden Mint.

Odour control mobile unit
Odour Monitoring

Odour monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting of odours is important to combat subjective and unscientific complaints and potential litigation.

EcoPro can provide a firm basis of evidence to rebut complaints with measurement of emissions using the latest olfactory equipment. We provide a full written report with recommendations for abatement and SOPs for future activity.

We can also present evidence and support our findings at meetings with local authorities or other regulators.

Odour control methods

EcoPro offers fixed solutions and mobile services tailored to the needs of the site.

Fixed systems

Fixed systems have a pump to drive water and odour chemical mixtures around pipes situated around the boundaries of the site. The pressure from the pump forces mists of air and chemical from the pipes.

Mobile systems

Mobile odour systems are also available to cater for the changing landscape of a landfill site or short term requirements arriving from projects such as land reclamation. These systems use a bowser type unit with a fan to dispel a fine mist of water and odour product mix. The units are towable and so can be moved about the site.

Dry Vapour System

The Dry Vapour System is an innovative odour suppression system which neutralises odours without wetting and without maintenance. Using this unique equipment we have eliminated odour problems on sites through out the UK.

EcoPro has effective odour control programmes to meet a wide range of needs. Please contact us to discuss the solution for you.