Control of gulls, pigeons, starlings and other species

Concentrations of some species of birds around landfill and waste transfer sites, airfields, retail sites and and other public buildings can cause significant damage and nuisance as well as representing a very visible health hazard.

Birds of prey - natural control

Frequently the most effective way of controlling unwanted birds, including gulls, corvids and pigeons, is the professional use of birds of prey which are the natural predators of the target species.

Large areas of high pressure infestations can be managed by regular flying of birds of prey by trained and experienced handlers, using nature itself to provide an environmentally sensitive deterrent.

Landfill bird control problems
Birds of prey natural bird control

Effective bird control solutions

EcoPro has a wealth of experience in natural control. We have resolved a great many problems and can generally suggest an effective solution to any particular bird infestation. Some of our team were involved in a five-year study by the Central Science Laboratory into the effectiveness of bird control on landfill sites and were instrumental in developing best practice for this application.

Bird control methods

EcoPro proofing buildings

Camouflage netting, ledge spikes and specialist gels prove extremely effective long-term deterrents to prevent gulls and pigeons from roosting and nesting on roofs and ledges. Correct installation of the appropriate solution will be essential as birds have been known to nest on unsuitable spikes and nets.

EcoPro egg oiling

If birds are already established, hatchings can be reduced by egg oiling. Professionally applied, egg oiling can achieve 100% reduction in hatchings to give long-term reduction in populations.

Bird control products

EcoPro supplies a full range of tried and tested bird control products, including bird scaring rockets, bangers, distress callers, gas guns and kites.

These products are suitable for low to medium pressure bird activity. We can advise on the suitability of bird control products and the ways in which particular products should be used to get the most effective result.

The products are for professional use only, and will only be supplied for approved applications.

“ EcoPro have provided the bird control at my site for the last year and we have been very surprised and happy with the level of control that they have acheived. ”

Alex Hornshaw, Caird Peckfield

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If you have a bird infestation, a talk with EcoPro can lead to an effective solution. Contact us to discuss your needs.