Pest control services for Mechanical and Biological Treatment Stations

As less and less putrescible waste is going to landfill and more is being processed through MBT units there are ever increasing problems in pest control – generally rodents Rattus Norvegicus and houseflies Musca Domesticus, although mice or biting insects can also cause serious issues.

EcoPro has a proven track record in this industry and have managed these problems for our customers for many years. Correct product selection and application methods are critical to achieving control. We offer different insecticides to suit the problem and most importantly we understand the many methods of application. We use residual and knockdown products and the latest application equipment.

Fly Control

Flies and other insects multiply rapidly in the summer months. EcoPro offers uniquely effective non-toxic solutions which are safe to staff and neighbours.

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Rodent Control

MBTs can attract Brown Rats which can breed rapidly and easily spread to surrounding premises. EcoPro provides preventative programmes and emergency solutions for control of rats, other rodents and foxes.

> Rodent control

Odour Control

As processing stations for green waste and household waste, MBTs often suffer unwanted strong odours, giving rise to complaints from neighbours. EcoPro offers fixed solutions and mobile services.

> Odour control

“ I have used the pest control services of EcoPro for some years now and they have always provided me with a professional service and a very good level of control. ”

Stuart Mitchell, FCC Environmental

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If you operate an MBT station, a talk with EcoPro can lead to solutions to many potential problems.